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Chilean marsupial Monito del Monte

Little monkey from the Mount:

Monito del monte also called chumaihuén in Mapudungun, is a diminutive marsupial native only to southwestern South America (Argentina and Chile) (1). Monito del Monte has been described as a nocturnal species because of its well-developed sense of sight and smell, lives in thickets of South American mountain bamboo in the Valdivian temperate rain forests of the southern Andes, aided by its partially prehensile tail. It eats primarily insects and other small invertebrates, supplemented with fruit.






Monitos del monte have a monogamous mating system. They normally reproduce in the spring once a year and can have a litter size varying from one to five. Females have a small pouch surrounding two pairs of mammary glands and produce one litter a year. The young remain in association with the mother after weaning (2). Males and females both reach sexual maturity after two years.

In Chile, Monito del Monte is often confused with a mouse, so people want to kill him. It is very important to educate people to protect this being so tiny and wonderful at the same time.

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