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Fossil in Cajón del Maipo

Fossils in Cajón del Maipo: had you imagine that millions of years ago the imposing mountains of Cajón del Maipo were submerged in the sea?
Cajon del Maipo´s mountains were a part of an old marine channel and today it is still possible to find traces of its aquatic past in the form of fossils that can be found high up in the mountains.

I took this photo of ammonites in the Chilean Andes, inside the Cajon del Maipo, while walking along the path to the Nieves Negras Glacier.

Ammonites, a type of fossil, first show up in the fossil record about 400 million years ago. The species went extinct at he same time as the dinosaurs, about 65 million years ago. If you´d like to experience places like this and discover an old marine channel of the Chilean Andes mountains, book with us.


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